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Asheville City Council

Candidates Forum

Tuesday, Sept. 15,  7-9 pm

Doors open at 6:30

Randolph Learning Center

90 Montford Ave. Asheville


Duke Rate increase hearing to subsidize CLIFFSIDE!

Thursday, Sept. 17,  7 pm

(Pre-hearing rally at 6 pm)

McDowell County Courthouse

Main and Court St.

downtown Marion


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Citizen Toolkit:    Use YOUR Voice!

Write editorial letters and call elected officials.


Considering a run for County Commission? Read this.

Considering a run for City Council in 2009?  Read this.


If you are interested in learning more about County government,

County Government: Historical Perspective.


FREE DOWNLOAD!   An invaluable resource:

"How To Win Land Development Issues"



Media Contacts

Asheville Citizen-Times   letters@citizen-times.com

Citizen-Times reporter Clarke Morrison   cmorrison@citizen-times.com

Mountain Xpress   news@mountainx.com

Asheville City Paper  Cecil Bothwell   cecil@citypaperasheville.com

Asheville Daily Planet  news@ashevilledailyplanet.com

Asheville Tribune   tribuneeditor@bellsouth.net



County Commissioners

David Gantt, Chairman  (828) 252-2852   commissioner@davidgantt.com

Holly Jones  (828) 250-4004  holly.jones@buncombecounty.org

Bill Stanley   (828) 250-4007   bill.stanley@buncombecounty.org

Carol Peterson   (828) 250-4005   carol.peterson@buncombecounty.org

K. Ray Bailey   (828) 273-1921   ray.bailey@buncombecounty.org


To send to all commissioners, copy and paste these email addresses into the

"To" field of your email:

commissioner@davidgantt.com holly.jones@buncombecounty.org; bill.stanley@buncombecounty.org; carol.peterson@buncombecounty.org; ray.bailey@buncombecounty.org


County Planners

James Coman, County Planner    james.coman@buncombecounty.org

Jon Creighton, Director    jon.creighton@buncombecounty.org



County Planning Board

Scott Hughes, Chair    scotth@jpspa.com

Brian Bartlett    bb_adcinc@bellsouth.net

Tom Alexander    talexander@taylorandmurphy.com

James Coman, County Planner    james.coman@buncombecounty.org

Vernon Dover    vernondover@charter.net

Greg Phillips    mayfairllc@aol.com

Les Mitchell    lesjanemitchell@msn.com

Rod Hudgins    rmhudgins@bellsouth.net

Joe Sechler   osprey388@bellsouth.net
Michelle Pace Wood    mpwood@bellsouth.net


To send to all planning board members, copy and paste these email addresses into the

"To" field of your email:

talexander@taylorandmurphy.com; bb_adcinc@bellsouth.net; vernondover@charter.net; james.coman@buncombecounty.org; mayfairllc@aol.com; osprey388@bellsouth.net; lesjanemitchell@msn.com; rmhudgins@bellsouth.net; mpwood@bellsouth.net; scott@jpspa.com



County Manager

Wanda Green, County Mgr.   (828) 250-4100   wanda.greene@buncombecounty.org


City Council

Terry Bellamy, Mayor   (828) 259-5600   mayorbellamy@gmail.com

Jan Davis, Vice Mayor   (828) 253-9465   jandavis@main.nc.us

Kelly Miller  (828) 252-7271   kellyforcouncil@gmail.com
Robin Cape   (828) 216-4009

Bill Russell   (828) 274-7388   billrussell@charter.net

Carl Mumpower   (828) 255-8613    drmumpower@aol.com        

Brownie Newman   (828) 243-0107   newmanasheville@aol.com


To send to Mayor and all Council members, copy and paste these email addresses into the

"To" field of your email:

mayorbellamy@ashevillenc.gov; kellyforcouncil@gmail.com; rcape@charter.net; jandavis@main.nc.us; billrussell@charter.net; drmumpower@aol.com; newmanasheville@aol.com



City Planning Department

Shannon Tuch, Interim Planning Director  (828) 259-5817  stuch@ashevillenc.gov

City of Asheville web site



City Planning and Zoning Members

Tom Byers, Chair   tbyers@charter.net
Steven Sizemore, Vice-Chair   sws@northupmcconnell.com
David Young  
Davidsah@Bellsouth.net   712-9000 (prefers phone calls to email)

Cindy Weeks   cindy@mtnhousing.org
Nathaniel (Buzz) Cannady   ncannady@mbhaynes.com
Jerome Jones   cjerome@mindspring.com
Darryl Hart   Dhart06@aol.com


To send to all members, copy and paste these email addresses into the

"To" field of your email:

tbyers@charter.net; sws@northupmcconnell.com; Davidsah@Bellsouth.net; cindy@mtnhousing.org; ncannady@mbhaynes.com; cjerome@mindspring.com; Dhart06@aol.com



City Manager

Gary Jackson   (828) 259-5604   gjackson@ashevillenc.gov



 NC Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources (NCDENR)

Asheville Regional DENR office - Swannanoa   296-4500



Clean Water for NC   gracia@cwfnc.org   251-1291  (CWFNC)


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